DISTRICT PROFILE


The Asunafo South District Assembly was created in 2004 under L.I. 2093 with Kukuom as the District capital.


The vision of Asunafo South District Assembly is to rise to a level whereby the people attain high standard of living through improvement in the socio-economic services in a highly decentralized and democratic environment.


The Asunafo South District Assembly exists to provide services such as education, health, water and sanitation with other development partners and productive sector whilst supporting the development of other economic activities with the core purpose of improving the living conditions of the people in the District

Location and Size

The Asunafo South District was carved out from the Asunafo District Assembly after it was split into Asunafo North and South. This explains its proximate location to the Asunafo North District Assembly and even semblance in names. 

The ASDA is one of the six District/Municipal Assemblies in Ahafo Region. Kukuom is the District capital. The District has an estimated land size of about 1019 kilometers square, (393 square miles). The ASDA is located at the southern part of the Ahafo Region with the eastern frontier forming the geographical and administrative boundary separating the Ahafo Region from the Ashanti Region.

 The District shares common boarders with the Asunafo North District to the north and the Juaboso District to the South-West. Other adjoining Districts are the Sefwi-Wiaso District to the South-East, and Atwima Mponua District to the East. Since the ASDA was originally part of the Asunafo North District, both the North and South Asunafo may share similar socio-economic characteristics and problems.