The Asunafo South Birth and Death Registry under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has the constitutional mandate (Act 1027, 2020) to take records on these two main events.

The vision of the Registry is to attain universal births and deaths registration coverage in Ghana.
The Births and Deaths Registry exists to provide accurate, reliable and timely information on all births, deaths and foetal deaths occurring within the boundaries of Ghana for the socio-economic development of the country through their registration and certification.

The functions of the Registry can be divided into two broad categories namely, the legal and statistical functions.
Legal Functions
The legal functions performed by the Registry include:
• Issuing Births and Deaths Certificates.
• Delayed registration of births and deaths.
• Issuing of Certified Copies of Entries in registers of births and deaths to enable the public make legal
• Corrections and insertions into registers of births and deaths of events already registered.
Statistical Functions
• Regular training of field officers on how to effectively and efficiently collect data on birth and death events across the country.
• Compile statistical data on all registered birth and death events across the country.
• To share data on all registered birth and death events with relevant stakeholders
• Production of quarterly/annual statistical reports on all registered birth and death events

The Births and Deaths Registry in the Asunafo South District operates Two (2) Registry: Kukuom and Sankore Registry with registration centre in all health facility in the communities and outreach points. Kukuom registry office is located at New District Assembly building Room 6 and the Sankore office is located at Star of Hope Hospital Sankore

Community Population Register (CPR) Project
Section 12 (1) – (3) of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 2020 (ACT 1027) state unequivocally that;
1. A District Assembly shall keep and maintain a community population register and the community population register shall be used as a demographic data for the purpose of development planning of the district.
2. A community may assist the Registration Assistant in the registration of births, foetal deaths and deaths for the purpose of generating a community population register.
3. The community shall keep and maintain copies of the community register of births, foetal deaths and deaths.
Pursuant to these provision supra, Asunafo South Births and Deaths Registry was selected as part of the 10 district for the nationwide plot exercise by the national office. Three (3) communities and Eight (8) volunteers/enumerators were selected from the communities. The selected communities are Abuom, Siso and Tettehkwao.
Currently we are done with enumeration in all the 3 selected communities, we are at the state of populating the register and the final durbar to hand over the entire register to the community.
Child Health Promotion Week
Child Health Promotion week is a yearly program organized by Ghana Health Services which Births and Deaths Registry is a key stakeholder The Registries (Kukuom and Sankore) are actively involved in all planned programs and activities within the various health centers in the catchment areas of the registries to ensure all infant births are registered.
Mass mobile registration Exercise
In order to ensure that all infants within far away health facilities and villages are registered, the department mostly organize quarterly registration to distant communities and villages. This help the department meet its annual target and also ensure every child is not denied infant birth certificate.